Air travel has brought the world closer to New Zealand and New Zealand closer to the rest of the world. Global regulators want to ensure the growth of travel, trade and tourism happens in a socially and environmentally friendly way.

That’s why New Zealand is joining other countries in rolling out a new global standard for aviation navigation systems across the country. The initiative is called Performance Based Navigation (PBN).

As part of this programme, Airways New Zealand, Board of Airline Representatives New Zealand (BARNZ) and Christchurch Airport have announced an arrivals-only flight path trial for Christchurch.

The partners named above have been working together to trial new flight paths which are required by international guidance and New Zealand policies.

The work is part of New Southern Sky, a 10-year programme of major changes to New Zealand’s aviation system to make air travel smarter, quicker, safer and better. This programme is led by the NZ Civil Aviation Authority, in partnership with Airways New Zealand and the Ministry of Transport.

The trial flight paths into Christchurch Airport will operate under PBN, which uses satellite-based navigation. PBN delivers a number of benefits – safety through accuracy, efficiency through reduced flying distance and reduced engine thrust, and environmental benefits through reduced noise impacts and reduced carbon emissions.

The implementation of PBN flight paths are part of an international industry and government initiative required in New Zealand’s airspace and aligning with global standards. PBN informed flight paths in other parts of New Zealand and the world contribute to international aviation carbon dioxide emission reduction proposals and are aligned with the Government’s National Airspace and Air Navigation Plan.

For Christchurch, the introduction of PBN means we can grow travel, trade and tourism in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner, which is vital to New Zealand’s economy and communities.