Our Partners

The New Zealand Government agreed in August 2011 to the development of a National Airspace and Air Navigation Plan.

While the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) leads the programme through its project delivery team (New Southern Sky), the programme is being delivered by both the CAA and a range of partner organisations. For PBN, those include Airways New Zealand, airports and aircraft operators.

PBN isn’t just a New Zealand activity. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is leading the global transition to an integrated and interoperable global air navigation system. The introduction of PBN is a component of this global plan.

In New Zealand, the CAA is responsible for bringing ICAO standards and guidance into our domestic regulations, in a way that best suits the way we operate in this country. The CAA is doing this work with its partners as part of the New Southern Sky programme.

The Christchurch Flight Path Trials are a joint aviation industry initiative involving the following partners:

Airways New Zealand

Airways designs the flight paths and procedures, and integrates aircraft that use the PBN paths into the overall air traffic approaching and departing from Christchurch Airport.

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Board of Airline Representatives New Zealand

BARNZ represents the airlines participating in the Flight Path Trials. They are Air New Zealand, Jetstar, Qantas, and Virgin.

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Christchurch Airport

The main role of Christchurch Airport in relation to the Flight Path Trials is agreeing to the instrument flight procedures and responding to queries raised by the public.

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New Southern Sky

New Southern Sky is leading development of the Air Navigation Plan, which includes the roll-out of PBN at airports across the country.

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