What is Performance Based Navigation?

Performance Based Navigation (PBN) incorporates a range of technologies that are moving aviation away from older ground-based navigation systems, (radio beacons and radar) to use the performance and capabilities of equipment on board modern aircraft.

It involves a major shift from conventional ground-based navigational aids and procedures to satellite navigation and performance based standards. The shift to satellite and more efficient area navigation has many benefits. Area navigation using satellite technology allows for more efficient flight paths, and flight in difficult-to-navigate areas such as mountainous terrain. Air traffic management also improves with satellite navigation and performance based standards because more aircraft can fly in the same airspace on tracks that safely avoid one another.

Key benefits to communities include more accurate and shorter, more direct routes, as well as more efficient take-offs and landings. This will reduce the total noise exposure experienced by communities.

Moving to PBN will also allow for greater efficiencies in aircraft travel over time, as global satellite navigational systems continue to improve. By moving toward inflight satellite and area navigation, aircraft will be better equipped to handle navigational procedural changes.